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cptsd.wiki is a testament to the collaborative efforts of individuals within the global complex PTSD (CPTSD) community. Born from a shared desire to create a comprehensive resource for those navigating the challenges of CPTSD, the idea for the wiki took root through discussions among community members seeking to provide support and knowledge to others on similar journeys.

In February 2024, the vision for the cptsd.wiki began. Volunteers, drawing inspiration from their own experiences, insights, and healing came together to shape the initial stages of this ambitious project. We recognized the compelling need for a comprehensive and accessible resource dedicated to complex PTSD (CPTSD), a condition often misunderstood and underrepresented in mainstream discourse. As volunteers, our commitment to organizing educational recovery resources, recovery art, blog posts, and educational and other content is cemented in our shared mission to provide support and validation to those at various stages of navigating the complexities of CPTSD. Our collective passion and the resilience of this community drive our dedication to amplifying voices, fostering understanding, and promoting healing for all those impacted by CPTSD.

29th April 2024 we started our first page.