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This website is intended for information purposes only. We make no claim on the veracity or usefulness of the information you read here. Our aim is to provide you with different points of view to help you navigate the CPTSD recovery path.

Further information can be found here Disclaimer.

What is is a grass-roots, community-led project to create the definitive set of resources for cptsd recoverees, to aid them in their recovery from cptsd.

This is a website made by people recovering from complex ptsd (cptsd) to share information with others in the cptsd community to help them recover. The website is made by volunteers, we do not have paywalls and we are a non-profit. We are people recovering who want to share what we have learnt.

Our audience is those in cptsd recovery or those that suspect that they have cptsd. Accordingly the wiki will focus the format, writing style and content towards these people.


How to use this wiki

If you are new to CPTSD start here New To CPTSD.

Please read the Philosophy behind to understand the philosophy behind this wiki.

Words may mean different things to different people. The Glossary.

If you are interested in contributing to this wiki please read Contributing to Statistics currently has

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Getting started

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Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.